How Medical Hypnosis Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Stopping smoking is a difficult thing to do, but it will have immediate benefits to your overall health. Your body is greatly affected by your smoking, and quitting might just be the best decision you will ever make. If you’re having trouble with what method you should use to quit, consider using hypnotherapy to help. Studies have shown that there are a lot of benefits to medical hypnosis and smokers who quit using hypnosis have a high success rate.

A licensed medical hypnotherapist is not like a stage performer who claims to be able to make people do anything at the snap of their fingers. Instead, they use proven medical hypnotic techniques to put their patients in a state of hypnosis. While in this state, it’s easy to bring up thoughts and feelings about a certain topic. The goal of the session is to try to help the patient manage their negative thoughts about smoking and “replace” any feelings of needing to smoke.

How does medical hypnosis work?

1. The patient is put into a state of hypnosis by the medical professional. While hypnotized, patients are never unconscious and are always in full control of themselves. Some people, about 25% of people, are not able to be hypnotized for one reason or another. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask to try a different method instead.

2. The patient is asked about smoking. This includes why they smoke, how they feel about smoking, and what they think can be the negatives of smoking. The goal is to help them focus on the negatives about smoking in order to help the subconscious mind associate smoking as a negative behaviour.

3. The hypnotherapist gives converses with the hypnotised patient in order to try to get them to grasp three main concepts: (1) Smoking is harmful to the body. (2) The body is necessary for life. (3) It’s essential to protect the body in order to live.

These concepts can help patients to naturally associate smoking with poisoning themselves and harming their bodies. These kinds of thoughts will make many people less inclined to smoke and will assist them in getting rid of the habit for good.

4. The medical hypnotherapist will then teach the patient some simple self-hypnosis techniques that may be useful when the temptation to smoke arises. By practicing self-hypnosis, patients can put themselves back into a hypnotic state where they will then remind themselves that smoking is a very harmful action that will have a negative impact on their body, therefore impacting their life negatively.

If you need to find a hypnotherapist in Wellington, you’re in luck. There is only one licensed and internationally recognized hypnotherapist operating within New Zealand and his practice, called Medical Hypnosis, is located within Wellington.

Dr. Patrick McCarthy of Medical Hypnosis can help you to quit your smoking habit and live a better life in a healthier frame of mind. He can help you with all your Wellington hypnotherapy needs, not just quitting smoking! Visit his website here to learn more about how you can improve your mental and physical health through hypnotherapy.


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