What Is Medical Hypnosis?


Medical hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, is the use of hypnosis (an induced state of deep mental and physical relaxation) for the treatment and alleviation of various health problems.

This eclectic treatment approach combines elements of neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling and other well-established psychotherapeutic techniques to treat or alleviate a range of somatic, psychosomatic and psychological conditions. Medical hypnotherapy is practiced throughout New Zealand but it is important to use the services of a qualified hypnotherapist. Here are some details of what is involved in hypnotherapy.

What is involved in a medical hypnosis session?

During a hypnotherapy session, a trained therapist will attempt to guide a patient into a state of extreme relaxation and focus commonly referred to as a trance. When the patient is able to go into a trance, he or she becomes so relaxed and focused on the process itself that he or she is no longer aware of their surroundings or conscious thoughts. This deep state of relaxation and self-awareness is thought to produce positive effects on the patient’s overall well being, which helps treat or alleviate a number of mental and physical health issues.

To guide the patient into a trance, a hypnotherapy expert may use a variety of strategies to enable the patient to concentrate on a specific task or activity that will eventually culminate in a physical as well as mental state of relaxation. The hypnotherapist may lead the patient through a number of physical relaxation exercises or techniques like deep breathing or encouraging the patient to imagine that he or she is in a pleasant, calming place.

Once the patient is able to relax, the hypnotherapist may have him or her undertake an exercise or activity designed to block out all outside stimuli and produce specific focus. For example, the hypnotherapy specialist may instruct the patient to repeat a particular phrase or look at a particular item until he or she is able to focus on one specific task at a time and ignore all external occurrences. This allows the patient to achieve a naturally induced state of relaxed and heightened awareness or deep calm, which is quite effective at helping treat a wide range of conditions.

During a trance, the patient allows him or herself to enter an altered state of consciousness so that the hypnotherapist can work to best resolve the condition. The precise technique a hypnotherapy expert uses to induce an altered state of consciousness in a patient will depend on the individual patient and the condition that needs to be treated. The therapist may ask the patient a number of questions about his or her signs and symptoms, past life experiences or anything else the hypnotherapist believes may be relevant to the hypnosis treatment of the condition.

In this trance state, the patient is better able to divulge thoughts or other crucial information that he or she might have kept deep in his or her subconscious. This information can help the therapist decipher the causative factors of the patient’s condition. The patient is also better able to take suggestions or guidance from the hypnotherapy expert while in this state of being in a trance – which can greatly help to improve his or her condition.

Change your life with Medical Hypnotherapy

Medical hypnosis has been shown to be effective at treating and alleviating – and may be recommended for – a wide range of physical and mental health conditions, including: chronic back pain, constipation, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, stress, anger, obsessions and more.

If you’re currently suffering from any of these or any other physical & mental health conditions and live in Wellington, why not find an experienced hypnotherapist by searching online for “medical hypnotherapy Wellington“?

Dr. Patrick McCarthy, a registered medical practitioner, is an internationally recognised medical hypnosis expert and a prolific author and speaker on the subject based in Wellington NZ. He is the only doctor in New Zealand specialising in medical hypnosis. With over 20 years experience providing hypnosis treatment, Dr. Patrick McCarthy is the best medical hypnotherapist in the country. For an appointment with this Wellington hypnotherapy expert, you can call 04 385 6998 or fill the simple online form on www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz.


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