What is Medical Hypnosis?


Hypnotherapy in Wellington is becoming increasingly popular, even with patients from across New Zealand. Hypnotherapy has been known to treat a wide range of health issues and if you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Kapiti, you should consider taking advantage of Dr. McCarthy’s services.

Dr. Patrick McCarthy is a medical hypnotherapy expert whose services have benefited a wide clientele since 1992. With over 20 years in the field of medical hypnosis, Dr. McCarthy uses hypnotherapy to treat conditions such as anxiety, sleep problems, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders and depression. Hypnotherapy is also used to help get rid of bad habits such as smoking and nail biting.

One of the techniques which Dr. McCarthy uses to help his patients get well through hypnotherapy is teaching them how to do hypnosis. The expert teaches this technique to his patients because at the end of the day the therapy should enable you to apply the skills you learn to real life situations. If you are considering hypnosis sessions with Dr. McCarthy, he recommends an average of four sessions, and a few more for those suffering from chronic pain and depression.

Once you register for your hypnosis sessions, the doctor will help you design your sessions to address your personal needs. The sessions are personalised because what works best for one patient may not work for another. The first session of your therapy is dedicated to discuss your personal medical history, your life and lifestyle and the habits you have. The session is also one that gives the doctor more understanding of what needs to be treated and how he can best do it. It is also an opportunity for the doctor and the patient to create rapport and develop mutual understanding.

The advantage of using Dr. McCarthy’s services is that he takes you at your own comfortable pace. While some patients usually take a short time to learn and grasp the skills taught during their sessions, there are those who learn at a slower rate. If you have a problem remembering some of the things you have been taught, not to worry. Dr. McCarthy records all the sessions he has with his patients and compiles them in CDs. Every patient is given a CD of their session recording after the end of every session.

What most people are worried about when starting their hypnotherapy sessions is whether they will experience side effects after their sessions. Dr. McCarthy assures his patients that after their sessions they will not be drowsy and will still be able to function properly afterwards.

Medical hypnosis has greatly evolved over the last century to become one of the most popular alternative therapies in the world, so much so that western countries including New Zealand are funding clinical trials for medical hypnotherapy. To achieve the greatest results from hypnotherapy, it is important to visit a trained professional who practices medical hypnosis, such as Dr. McCarthy.

If you are based in Wellington, the Kapiti Coast or the Greater Wellington region and you have decided to try hypnotherapy as a form of treatment for your condition, then make an appointment with Dr. McCarthy. Visit www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz and fill in the online enquiry form to request an appointment.


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