What Conditions Can Medical Hypnosis Help With

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A hypnotherapy NZ practitioner uses the discipline of hypnosis to treat patients for a variety of conditions. This discipline utilizes specialist techniques such as guided relaxation, focused attention and intense concentration to help individuals achieve a heightened state of awareness – which, in turn, allows them to overcome certain health problems. Because hypnotherapy Wellington practice is able to open the mind to beneficial suggestions and imagination that helps affected individuals make positive changes in their lives, it works best for psychosomatic disorders (i.e. those related to the patient’s mental and/or emotional state). These include such conditions as:

– Alcoholism

Hypnotherapy Wellington techniques have been shown to reach the unconscious part of the mind and implant new perspectives and affirmations that help change old limiting habits like alcohol dependence.

– Smoking Cessation

As with the case of alcoholism, hypnotherapy NZ techniques allow individuals to overcome nicotine cravings and withdrawal. If you’d like to stop smoking, find a hypnotherapist in Upper Hutt to start treatment today.

– Anger Management

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for anger issues.

– Migraine

Hypnotherapy Wellington treatment techniques provide relief to those suffering from acute or severe migraines, particularly those linked to mental illness.

– Insomnia

Hypnosis is one of the most effective forms of relaxation, providing insomnia sufferers with the ability to achieve deep sleep. Find a hypnotherapist to start treatment today if you have sleep problems.

– Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hypnotic procedures allow those suffering from this condition to overcome it once and for all.

– Eczema

Eczema is one of the skin conditions that can be treated using this method.

– Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be successfully treated using this technique, too.

– Drug Addiction

Studies have shown that hypnotism offers a more effective form of treatment than simply therapy when dealing with substance abuse disorders and behavioural issues.

– Confidence/Motivation/Self Esteem

Hypnotism allows individuals to eliminate negative self-talk, and change their mindset for the better through subconscious thoughts in order to build self-esteem.

– Childbirth

Medical hypnosis for childbirth has been proven to help women have a gentle, enjoyable, and pain-free birth.

– Weight Loss

Hypnotic procedures can be used to help overweight individuals to stop overeating or comfort eating.

– Stress

Hypnotherapy Wellington techniques allow patients to achieve deep relaxation and overcome stress problems.

– Stammering

This psychosomatic condition can be treated using hypnotic procedures.

– Sports/Work Performance

Hypnotic procedures allow sportsmen, workers and even ordinary folks change their unwanted behaviours or beliefs, become highly motivated achievers with a strong mental attitude, thereby boosting their productivity.

– Sexual Dysfunction

Hypnotherapy NZ procedures have very powerful therapeutic effects, and can help even those suffering from sexual problems.

– Trauma

Hypnotic procedures are particularly helpful for treating symptoms during and after traumatic experiences. If you suffer from PTSD or any other trauma condition, find a hypnotherapist in Upper Hutt and seek treatment.

– Psoriasis

Skin conditions like psoriasis can be treated using this technique, and it’s actually quite effective.

– Phobias

Hypnotherapy NZ practices equips phobia patients with the coping tools needed to overcome their fears and lead happy lives.

– Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy is one of the best treatment methods for anxiety and panic attacks.

– Pain Control

Hypnosis is an amazingly effective way to reduce – and even eliminate – pain responses.

– Multiple Sclerosis

MS can be treated through the use of this technique, as well.

– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Through the use of hypnotherapy NZ practices, individuals with OCD are able to treat symptoms of the condition and even eliminate it completely.

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How Hypnosis Can Help You Stop Smoking

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One of the best things you can do for your body’s health is to quit the terrible habit of smoking. Though it may be pleasurable, smoking comes with a whole range of serious health complications that are just not worth it. You can quit through several methods. You can use nicotine patches, counseling or even quit cold turkey. One smoking cessation method that is rapidly gaining attention is hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of the mind and body where you appear to be asleep or in a trance. In this mode, your mind is free from other thoughts and distractions thus allowing it to become more suggestible to specific instructions.

It is important that you seek a qualified professional to do the hypnosis. It is easy to find a hypnotherapist in Wellington City. You can also be taught how to do self-hypnosis for use when you are alone at home.

How Hypnosis Stops Smoking 

Hypnosis methods and techniques vary from specialist to specialist. Some specialists will instill fear and hatred of smoking by telling you, when in hypnosis, of the terrible health effects of the habit. Some will rely on giving you the confidence to stop smoking by suggesting that you have the ability to quit.

Hypnotists do not apply one single method to all patients. How a specialist undertakes your hypnosis will depend a lot on the nature of your problems. Factors that need to be considered include how severe your addiction is, the underlying problems behind your smoking and perceived inhibitions to smoking.

So when you go to an expert offering hypnotherapy in Wellington, the first step will be understanding your smoking problem. From there, he or she will be able to apply the right techniques for the greatest results. For instance, the hypnotist may need to deal with emotional trauma issues first before addressing the smoking problem.

Some experts offer group hypnosis sessions where treatment is applied to a group of you instead of individually. You might even find some offering on-the-phone stop smoking hypnosis in Wellington. For most smokers, group or individual sessions work best.

While science is still debating whether hypnosis is effective in helping people stop smoking, individual experiences are full of success stories. Even if you are highly skeptical of the use of hypnosis to stop smoking, it does not hurt to try especially if you have tried other techniques and failed.

Medical Hypnosis Wellington 

The most important thing when considering doing hypnosis to quit smoking is to find the right expert. An excellent recommendation is Dr Patrick McCarthy. He is a medical practitioner based in Wellington and a medical hypnosis specialist who is recognized internationally.

Throughout the years, he has used his experience and skills in medical hypnotherapy to help thousands of people quit smoking. In addition, he also offers hypnosis for sleep problems, depression, anxiety, preparation or delivery, panic attacks and fertility problems.

His methods have earned him great acclaim. You can learn more about him and book an appointment by visiting his Medical Hypnosis website at www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz.

How Can Medical Hypnosis Help Me Manage My Health?


Hypnotherapy can work wonders for conditions like alcoholism, smoking, sleeping problems and weight loss. The process works by putting an individual in an enhanced state of awareness, where the mind focuses on a single thing blocking out the rest of the world. With the help of a trained specialist, individuals can focus on certain tasks and thoughts and become more responsive to positive suggestions. Here are some of the greatest benefits of medical hypnosis.

1. Addiction treatment

Cutting off addiction, be it to alcohol, smoking or gambling, is not an easy task. Most patients with an addiction have to go through years of treatment to manage a good level of control over their thoughts and actions. Hypnotherapy can be of immense help in this healing process. It has proven to be especially effective at providing a long-term solution therefore lowering a patient’s chances of a relapse.

Addiction treatment is very sensitive, considering that there are numerous issues other than the drug itself which influence the addiction. It is therefore essential that you find a hypnotherapist with the necessary expertise and experience.

2. Chronic pain management

Certain illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, migraines and arthritis leave the patient with persistent bouts of pain. While pain medication can be used to manage chronic pain, medical hypnosis has also proven to be very helpful.

A professional hypnotherapist will diagnose you and then apply hypnosis accordingly. In many cases, you will also be taught how to conduct hypnosis on yourself at home (self-hypnosis). This ensures that you can manage pain even when away from the doctor.

3. Emotional trauma

Emotional trauma from sexual abuse, physical abuse or any other traumatic occurrence can be devastating and long term. Through gradual hypnosis, a patient can with time, overcome deep-rooted fears and start living a normal life. This is why hypnotherapy is often used alongside psychological counseling to tackle emotional trauma in patients.

4. Sexual problems

In relationships, sexual problems can be damaging, causing a loss of intimacy, confidence and self-esteem. Many experts recommend hypnotherapy for couples experiencing sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or low libido. With several sessions at the hands of an expert hypnotherapist, you will be surprised at how much progress you will achieve at home.

5. Childbirth anxiety

Pregnancy itself is stressful enough without adding the anxiety expectant women feel towards childbirth. Even worse, this anxiety is not ideal for the baby inside the womb because it can even affect the delivery process. For women experiencing heightened anxiety especially as the due date gets nearer, hypnotherapy is highly recommended. It will help you relax and stay calm, an essential state to a successful birth.

Other Benefits

Other situations where medical hypnosis can be beneficial include nail biting, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, post-natal depression and sleep problems.

Hypnotherapy in Wellington

If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Wellington, Dr Patrick McCarthy is both a medically trained and internationally trained hypnotherapist. He has been providing his hypnotherapy services in Wellington for more than two decades now. He offers a range of services including stop smoking hypnosis, treatment of sexual problems through hypnosis, anxiety treatment and many more.

What Is Medical Hypnosis?


Medical hypnosis, also known as hypnotherapy, is the use of hypnosis (an induced state of deep mental and physical relaxation) for the treatment and alleviation of various health problems.

This eclectic treatment approach combines elements of neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling and other well-established psychotherapeutic techniques to treat or alleviate a range of somatic, psychosomatic and psychological conditions. Medical hypnotherapy is practiced throughout New Zealand but it is important to use the services of a qualified hypnotherapist. Here are some details of what is involved in hypnotherapy.

What is involved in a medical hypnosis session?

During a hypnotherapy session, a trained therapist will attempt to guide a patient into a state of extreme relaxation and focus commonly referred to as a trance. When the patient is able to go into a trance, he or she becomes so relaxed and focused on the process itself that he or she is no longer aware of their surroundings or conscious thoughts. This deep state of relaxation and self-awareness is thought to produce positive effects on the patient’s overall well being, which helps treat or alleviate a number of mental and physical health issues.

To guide the patient into a trance, a hypnotherapy expert may use a variety of strategies to enable the patient to concentrate on a specific task or activity that will eventually culminate in a physical as well as mental state of relaxation. The hypnotherapist may lead the patient through a number of physical relaxation exercises or techniques like deep breathing or encouraging the patient to imagine that he or she is in a pleasant, calming place.

Once the patient is able to relax, the hypnotherapist may have him or her undertake an exercise or activity designed to block out all outside stimuli and produce specific focus. For example, the hypnotherapy specialist may instruct the patient to repeat a particular phrase or look at a particular item until he or she is able to focus on one specific task at a time and ignore all external occurrences. This allows the patient to achieve a naturally induced state of relaxed and heightened awareness or deep calm, which is quite effective at helping treat a wide range of conditions.

During a trance, the patient allows him or herself to enter an altered state of consciousness so that the hypnotherapist can work to best resolve the condition. The precise technique a hypnotherapy expert uses to induce an altered state of consciousness in a patient will depend on the individual patient and the condition that needs to be treated. The therapist may ask the patient a number of questions about his or her signs and symptoms, past life experiences or anything else the hypnotherapist believes may be relevant to the hypnosis treatment of the condition.

In this trance state, the patient is better able to divulge thoughts or other crucial information that he or she might have kept deep in his or her subconscious. This information can help the therapist decipher the causative factors of the patient’s condition. The patient is also better able to take suggestions or guidance from the hypnotherapy expert while in this state of being in a trance – which can greatly help to improve his or her condition.

Change your life with Medical Hypnotherapy

Medical hypnosis has been shown to be effective at treating and alleviating – and may be recommended for – a wide range of physical and mental health conditions, including: chronic back pain, constipation, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, stress, anger, obsessions and more.

If you’re currently suffering from any of these or any other physical & mental health conditions and live in Wellington, why not find an experienced hypnotherapist by searching online for “medical hypnotherapy Wellington“?

Dr. Patrick McCarthy, a registered medical practitioner, is an internationally recognised medical hypnosis expert and a prolific author and speaker on the subject based in Wellington NZ. He is the only doctor in New Zealand specialising in medical hypnosis. With over 20 years experience providing hypnosis treatment, Dr. Patrick McCarthy is the best medical hypnotherapist in the country. For an appointment with this Wellington hypnotherapy expert, you can call 04 385 6998 or fill the simple online form on www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz.

How Medical Hypnosis Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Stopping smoking is a difficult thing to do, but it will have immediate benefits to your overall health. Your body is greatly affected by your smoking, and quitting might just be the best decision you will ever make. If you’re having trouble with what method you should use to quit, consider using hypnotherapy to help. Studies have shown that there are a lot of benefits to medical hypnosis and smokers who quit using hypnosis have a high success rate.

A licensed medical hypnotherapist is not like a stage performer who claims to be able to make people do anything at the snap of their fingers. Instead, they use proven medical hypnotic techniques to put their patients in a state of hypnosis. While in this state, it’s easy to bring up thoughts and feelings about a certain topic. The goal of the session is to try to help the patient manage their negative thoughts about smoking and “replace” any feelings of needing to smoke.

How does medical hypnosis work?

1. The patient is put into a state of hypnosis by the medical professional. While hypnotized, patients are never unconscious and are always in full control of themselves. Some people, about 25% of people, are not able to be hypnotized for one reason or another. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask to try a different method instead.

2. The patient is asked about smoking. This includes why they smoke, how they feel about smoking, and what they think can be the negatives of smoking. The goal is to help them focus on the negatives about smoking in order to help the subconscious mind associate smoking as a negative behaviour.

3. The hypnotherapist gives converses with the hypnotised patient in order to try to get them to grasp three main concepts: (1) Smoking is harmful to the body. (2) The body is necessary for life. (3) It’s essential to protect the body in order to live.

These concepts can help patients to naturally associate smoking with poisoning themselves and harming their bodies. These kinds of thoughts will make many people less inclined to smoke and will assist them in getting rid of the habit for good.

4. The medical hypnotherapist will then teach the patient some simple self-hypnosis techniques that may be useful when the temptation to smoke arises. By practicing self-hypnosis, patients can put themselves back into a hypnotic state where they will then remind themselves that smoking is a very harmful action that will have a negative impact on their body, therefore impacting their life negatively.

If you need to find a hypnotherapist in Wellington, you’re in luck. There is only one licensed and internationally recognized hypnotherapist operating within New Zealand and his practice, called Medical Hypnosis, is located within Wellington.

Dr. Patrick McCarthy of Medical Hypnosis can help you to quit your smoking habit and live a better life in a healthier frame of mind. He can help you with all your Wellington hypnotherapy needs, not just quitting smoking! Visit his website here www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz to learn more about how you can improve your mental and physical health through hypnotherapy.

4 Benefits of Hypnosis That You Should Read About


Are you trying to lose weight? Beat a smoking habit? Overcome stress? You’re not alone. More and more people in Wellington are visiting a hypnotherapist to defeat obstacles that have been plaguing them for a while. Here are just some of the benefits of hypnosis.

1. Beat addiction

Did you know that about 5000 people in New Zealand die every year from smoking or second-hand smoke? Hypnotherapy has become a popular choice for many people who are looking for support when treating addiction.

Whether it’s smoking, gambling, or drugs hypnosis can be used to help overcome urges and ensure that the individual continues on the right path in the future. Medical hypnosis can help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with addiction, and it is a process that has proved useful for people of all ages and backgrounds.

2. Lose weight

Hypnosis is also commonly used to help people lose weight. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy can be useful when trying to lose weight if combined with changes to diet and exercise. For the medical hypnosis to succeed, a program will need to be tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

Further hypnosis will often be required if psychological reasons have contributed to the weight gain (for example, a recent traumatic event or something that happened in childhood). Many hypnotists will try to ascertain the cause of the weight gain and alleviate any symptoms associated with weight loss such as cravings.

3. Fight anxiety

Many people find a hypnotherapist if they suffer from anxiety, depression or stress, and the process has helped many individuals deal with personal problems. Hypnosis can help to get someone’s stress levels under control, which can be beneficial if they suffer from panic attacks or are unable to get involved with everyday social activities because of fear of failure, embarrassment, or extreme anxiety.

The hypnotist will relax the patient and try to work out the cause of their distress to help them in the future. Some techniques are taught which the individual can then try at home or when they feel particularly stressed or anxious. Many people have benefited from hypnotherapy for stress relief, and it has helped them to overcome personal pain or emotional trauma.

4. Better sleep

Hypnosis can also be beneficial if someone is suffering from a sleep disorder such as insomnia. A hypnotist will talk with the patient about their condition and might put them into a deep state of relaxation to try and solve the problem. Many people who have previously suffered from a sleep disorder have noticed a tremendous improvement after seeing a hypnotist. They might find that they have more energy in the morning and are more productive at work.

Are you looking for a hypnotist in Wellington or on the Kapiti Coast? To find a hypnotherapist in Kapiti simple search online for Medical Hypnosis. Dr. Patrick McCarthy has treated 20,000 people with hypnosis since 1992. For more information, visit www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz or call 04 385 6998 today and speak to a member of staff about Wellington hypnotherapy.

What is Medical Hypnosis?


Hypnotherapy in Wellington is becoming increasingly popular, even with patients from across New Zealand. Hypnotherapy has been known to treat a wide range of health issues and if you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Kapiti, you should consider taking advantage of Dr. McCarthy’s services.

Dr. Patrick McCarthy is a medical hypnotherapy expert whose services have benefited a wide clientele since 1992. With over 20 years in the field of medical hypnosis, Dr. McCarthy uses hypnotherapy to treat conditions such as anxiety, sleep problems, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders and depression. Hypnotherapy is also used to help get rid of bad habits such as smoking and nail biting.

One of the techniques which Dr. McCarthy uses to help his patients get well through hypnotherapy is teaching them how to do hypnosis. The expert teaches this technique to his patients because at the end of the day the therapy should enable you to apply the skills you learn to real life situations. If you are considering hypnosis sessions with Dr. McCarthy, he recommends an average of four sessions, and a few more for those suffering from chronic pain and depression.

Once you register for your hypnosis sessions, the doctor will help you design your sessions to address your personal needs. The sessions are personalised because what works best for one patient may not work for another. The first session of your therapy is dedicated to discuss your personal medical history, your life and lifestyle and the habits you have. The session is also one that gives the doctor more understanding of what needs to be treated and how he can best do it. It is also an opportunity for the doctor and the patient to create rapport and develop mutual understanding.

The advantage of using Dr. McCarthy’s services is that he takes you at your own comfortable pace. While some patients usually take a short time to learn and grasp the skills taught during their sessions, there are those who learn at a slower rate. If you have a problem remembering some of the things you have been taught, not to worry. Dr. McCarthy records all the sessions he has with his patients and compiles them in CDs. Every patient is given a CD of their session recording after the end of every session.

What most people are worried about when starting their hypnotherapy sessions is whether they will experience side effects after their sessions. Dr. McCarthy assures his patients that after their sessions they will not be drowsy and will still be able to function properly afterwards.

Medical hypnosis has greatly evolved over the last century to become one of the most popular alternative therapies in the world, so much so that western countries including New Zealand are funding clinical trials for medical hypnotherapy. To achieve the greatest results from hypnotherapy, it is important to visit a trained professional who practices medical hypnosis, such as Dr. McCarthy.

If you are based in Wellington, the Kapiti Coast or the Greater Wellington region and you have decided to try hypnotherapy as a form of treatment for your condition, then make an appointment with Dr. McCarthy. Visit www.medicalhypnosis.co.nz and fill in the online enquiry form to request an appointment.